Do you need to save money to go travelling, book a holiday, or even buy that new watch you’ve had your eye on? Here’s some tips and tricks to make saving money a breeze.

  1. Choose the right bank account for you.
  • Compare interest rates. Find an account with a competitive interest rate and get a little top up to your savings every month, it may not be a lot, but every penny adds up. I made £70 last year just through interest alone.
  • Look at additional benefits. Some banks/building societies offer other extras, such as cash back on your household bills, discount on travel insurance and more.
  • Do you struggle dipping into your savings? Open a locked bank account where you can deposit funds and not get access until your chosen date, this way you can see your savings building up, but you won’t be able to withdraw whenever you fancy that Saturday night takeaway or an extra few G&Ts on a night out.
  • Some banks/building societies offer a reward if you switch your bank account to them. This ranges from a £50 amazon gift card to £100 spending money! Some also offer a refer a friend bonus, where you will both receive a reward if you refer them and they switch.

For help with finding the best bank account for you, have a look at or

2. Don’t be too strict!

Don’t be afraid to have the occasional meal out, or treat yourself to a bottle of wine after a hard week at work. If you’re too strict on yourself it can be demotivating when you feel like you’re constantly counting pennies. Set a budget, but have a little bit leeway so you can still see some enjoyment in the money you’re earning.

3. Budget

  • Type up your income on a spreadsheet, along with all of your outgoings, see how much you have left at the end of it and choose an amount you’re comfortable with putting away into savings. If you can understand how much money you have coming in and going out, then you will be able to make sure you’re saving a good amount for you every month, and it’ll help you as a guide to stick to.
  • Try and choose a set amount you want to spend on certain things within that month. Guideline an amount for food, activities, and always have a small amount available for emergencies, especially if you’ve decided to lock your savings into a no access account.
  • Track your spending. Referencing to the above point, if you have a set amount you want to spend on food per month, make note of everything you’re spending so that you can ensure you don’t go over budget. Always check your online banking so that you can see how much money you have left.
  • Move money into savings as soon as you get it. Set up a standing order to automatically move the funds. If you wait until the end of the month and just move over whatever you have left, chances are you would’ve spent more money throughout the month as you would’ve had it sitting there. If you move the money over straight away and leave enough funds in your account to fit your budget, then I guarantee you’ll save more. If you do end up with any leftover money in the account on the day before payday, go ahead and pop that over into the savings too.

4. Points!

Use a variety of point account cards to help you get that little bit back from your shopping. If like me you’re a nightmare with always leaving your points cards at home, most companies now offer smartphone apps, and you can even add the cards to your apple wallet.

Outwith your retailer brands, you can also earn travel points through British Airways ‘Avios’ point system. Their app features over 100 different retailers, hotels and booking websites where you can earn points, you can even redeem your Tesco clubcard points for Avios points. You can also gain points through flying with them or one of their many partner airlines. If your looking at going travelling or on holiday, you could potentially save up enough points to partially or fully pay for your flights, or upgrade you to a higher class.

5. Cut out the non-essentials

Once you’ve written down all your outgoings, look over them and decide if there are any you don’t use. Have a Netflix account you don’t use? Have you signed up to a free trial for something that’s been left to roll over and be forgotten about? A gym membership you signed up to when you had that burst of motivation but then forgot about for two months? Cancel them and enjoy the extra pounds.

6. The roll over price increase

Many companies offer a cheap deal to draw you in for a time period contract. After that time ends, they tend to shoot the price up drastically. Get in touch with them and see if they can give you a better deal, if not look online and compare different companies that can offer you a cheaper alternative. Check things like your TV/Wifi bill, gas and electricity, and insurances.

7. Sit back and enjoy seeing your savings grow!

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