Best places to spend New Years Eve

If you’re like us and absolutely love all the magic and excitement of NYE, one of the best ways to spend it is experiencing a new city and a new way of celebrating, and we try to always start a new year in a different country.

Here is a guide of our top choices of place to spend New Year’s Eve (in no particular order)

1.  Disneyland, Paris

Our most recent NYE destination was Disneyland Paris, which is one of the most memorable nights we’ve ever spent together. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy the magic and charm that Disneyland has to offer, with the fantastic parades and rides, and the most amazing countdown and firework show you’ll ever see, this is an experience you should definitely put on your bucket list.

A couple things to keep in mind – check the metro system. When we went, the Metro was on strike, so only extremely limited services were offered. But even normally, the latest metro is around 12:30, so if you’re wanting to experience the whole party and not rush away straight after the bells, arrange another mode of transport.

Consider staying at a Disney hotel – Unless you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get a taxi to central Paris (we literally got quoted at 280 Euros) It will be a much more affordable option. It also allows you to get a free coach directly back to your hotel which run all night.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Okay so we may be slightly biased as locals, but we do believe that Edinburgh New Year’s Eve (known to Scots as ‘Hogmanay’) street party is definitely up there with the top ways to spend NYE. With people from all over the world, a fantastic firework show and great music blasting from four different music stages through the city and even a silent disco, it is a great choice to start your new year. Dress up warm to explore the variety of street performances, food and drinks this street party has to offer. 

Given this celebration is so central, there’s a huge choice of hotels within walking distance, ideal to save you from pushing through the crowds to find a taxi. If you would prefer to stay out of the city, a 10 minute walk will find you a taxi or night buses which run all hours of the night.

3. Berlin

If hardcore partying is your thing, Berlin may just be your perfect fit.

With 7 different New Year’s Eve parties to chose from,  and some of the worlds best clubs, Berlin is a top choice for anyone looking for a loud night filled with plenty of drinking and dancing. 

With some of the worlds most individual style parties, the streets are filled with techno music and the clubs are hosts to parties that can last up to 3 days! You’ll find well known DJ’s that come to host parties all around the city.

 Kulturbrauerei is a range of bars, clubs and restaurants in which you only need one ticket for. It’s home to over 8 clubs and 13 dance floors, also a multitude of food and drinks. This won’t leave you wanting anything more – it’s one of the most diverse parties in the country.

4. Vienna, Austria

Known to Austrians as ‘Silvester’, New Year’s Eve in Vienna should be experienced by everyone at least once a lifetime. With their famous Christmas markets transformed NYE style, some hotels transforming to create amazing evening balls (check out Hofburg Silvester Ball), and marzipan pigs (yes you read that right) being sold at every corner, it is a fascinating city to be going into the new year.

From 2pm – 2am the city is transformed into a huge party, walk along the New Year’s Eve Trail to immerse yourself in the celebrations, try amazing drinks and culinary treats, and see top level live entertainment, DJs and dancing.

If you fancy a bit more class and sophistication, head to see thousands of balloons drop at the Marriott, or attend the full-evening gala celebration in Vienna’s Rathaus to be amazed by ballet dancers and vocalists. You can practice your waltz dance, and then go and watch the fireworks from the Grand Balcony whilst enjoying one of your unlimited drinks. However, this comes at a steep price, starting at £256.50 per person for the basic package.

5. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Home to the full moon party, head to the beach to start off with a delicious Thai meal and some cheap beer and cocktails, then prepare to cover yourself in neon clothes and paint for a wild celebration filled with fire shows, live DJ music and buckets of alcohol – literally.

Koh Phangan is party central, and NYE celebration is not much different to one of their famous full moon parties. Great for a younger and wilder audience, if you want to get drunk and dance around the beach as the fireworks go off then this is for you. If you want to sit and have a classy dressed up meal with a glass of champagne to the cheers to the bells, then Koh Phangan may not be your best bet.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has some of the quirkiest NYE traditions that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world. One of their traditions is to eat 12 grapes, one on each second leading up to midnight. They say if you’re able to do so without spilling any, that you’re going to have a very lucky year. They also wear red underwear – it’s not quite known why they do this, but it’s a good excuse to impress your significant other!

The locals like to spend time with their families leading up to the bells and to toast at midnight, before meeting up with their friends to party the night away! This means all the clubs and celebrations last all night, some until 6am.

If you’re looking for somewhere to watch fireworks, there is a phenomenal display at the magic fountain, starting at 11pm and finishing around 12:30, but if you don’t fancy standing out in the cold and you’re not overly fussed on fireworks, you won’t fall short on finding plenty of bars and clubs with extravagant celebrations.

7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The most famous carnival in Brazil for new year takes place in Rio De Janeiro, where people of varying ages and cultures come together to celebrate the evening in style. They have a tradition on nye to wear a colour based on what colour it symbolises. By far the most worn colour is white which symbolises peace. You’re meant to wear whatever colour you wish for the new year. You have yellow or gold for wealth, red/pink for love and passion, blue for health and so on.

One way to celebrate is on a boat party taking you to the place to be – Copacabana beach, where you will find a host of live DJs, a jaw-dropping firework display, open bars and world renowned clubs, and over TWO MILLION people. Be prepared to dance the night away on the warm sandy beaches, and follow the following traditions such as jumping over seven waves to celebrate the legend Goddess of the ocean, Lemanja. It’s told to not look back whilst doing so.

So if partying mixed with culture and tradition, along with a range of amazing food is what you’re looking for, head to Rio De Janeiro to get involved in the euphoric and vibrant atmosphere for a night you will remember forever (depending on how drunk you get).

8. New York, USA

NYE in NYC is insane! Be prepared to spend a solid hour pushing your way through a million (literally) people trying to leave Times Square after midnight celebrations to see the amazing ball drop which has been a celebration since 1907!

If that’s not for you and you have a higher budget, jump on a boat cruise to see amazing views of the fireworks, and to enjoy fantastic celebrations from 9pm – 1am, just be prepared to spend £150-£800 per ticket!! – depending on the boat and the level of luxury you’re looking for.

Or, you could go to a rooftop bar such as 230 Fifth or Spyglass to grab yourself an amazing view and a great atmosphere, just be prepared for it to be really busy and to grab yourself a good view, try to get there for around 7pm.

9. London

To celebrate London style, with the chimes of Big Ben alongside the countdown to midnight, there’s a variety of high end bars and clubs where you can go into the new year in style. Or you can take a cruise along the river Thames to party alongside the Brits with live music, greats views and a delicious meal – oh, and plenty of drinks!

You can take yourself to the Rooftop Skybar for a 12 hour long party with Champagne, DJs, unlimited food and 360-degree views of the stunning London skyline. Tickets are steep at £325, or if you’re feeling fancy, grab yourself the VIP package at a whopping £650 per person, which comes fit with dedicated table service, unlimited servings of wine and beer, and a lovely Champagne breakfast served from 4am (best way to cure a hangover is if you don’t stop drinking!).

10. Sydney, Australia

Line up on the harbour to watch the internationally renowned colourful and dynamic firework shows that are watched by over 1 billion people across the globe.

If you’re travelling with a family, kick back in one of the alcohol free spots for a celebration the whole family can enjoy! There will also be 9pm fireworks so you get get your children home before it get’s too late but still get to enjoy a brilliant show. Get to the Botanic gardens or Barangaroo to start the new year in a place that’s great for the family.

Keep in mind its summer over there, so dress for the warm temperatures and kick back with the live music and dance parties at Luna Park. You can also jump on a boat and enjoy a late night cruise, or book a meal on the riverfront – just be sure to book in advance as the spaces fill up pretty quick.

So where are you going to spend NYE? Let us know by commenting on this post!

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