Travel for cheap

I understand you want to experience that amazing feeling of packing your suitcase, booking your flights and heading to a new destination, or even multiple in the one go, but it’s impossible to do so unless your bank account has a high number or you’ve got a big stack of cash under the bed, right? Wrong!

You don’t have to be rolling in bundles of money to see the world, as long as you’ve managed to gather a reasonable amount of savings these tips will show you how to really cut back on your spending whilst travelling. If you’re struggling to save, read my money saving article for some tips – here

  1. The first thing to think about is where you’re going. The prices can vary drastically dependant on where you chose to go. Not only can the flights differ by hundreds, but also the accommodation, food and transport prices can be significantly higher in some places. Have a look and think about what kind of place you want to go, and compare similar areas that may be more affordable. If you’re looking for an affordable city break, check out this list for the best Cheap European city breaks
  2. Flights

Always use flight comparison tools such as Skyscanner and Kayak to check for the best deals, and be flexible. Have a rough date in mind, but be willing to go within a few days to get the best price, sometimes there can be a surprisingly big difference in price just with a couple days difference. Always try and avoid peak times for budget flights.

Use a points system such as a travel credit card or an Avios travel account to gain rewards and get money off your flights – or even bag yourself free flights if you’ve saved enough points. Check this post to understand and maximise how to earn travel points.

3. Hotels

If you’re trying to travel on a budget, hotels aren’t the way forward. Instead, look at either hostels or Air BnB’s.

Use apps such as Agoda or Hostelworld to find budget accommodation across the globe. Hostels are especially great for solo travellers, as they allow you to meet new people and can be as low as £2 a night, dependant on where you are in the world.

Airbnb is great for finding cheap accommodation, usually offering significantly cheaper prices in comparison to most hotels of the same quality. They also offer home stays, which is a great way to interact with the locals and learn their ways, and even get some great advice on top spots in the area. Airbnb’s are a great option for couples or groups, or even solo travellers looking for a bit more privacy. Try and book at least a week in advance for the best deals, and always ready reviews prior to booking to find the greatest accommodation for you. You usually get discount for booking for 1 week+, so to cut costs, try and spend longer in the same Airbnb instead of moving between them every few days.

Click here for £34 (or the equivalent in your currency) off your first AirBnb stay.

4. Food

The price of food will vary drastically depending on where you decide to go. In Thailand, you can bag yourself a delicious plate of street food for as little as £0.80, but in somewhere like Paris, you’re looking more at a minimum of £5 for a meal.

Try and stick to budget friendly street food and affordable eateries, but ensure to check the reviews using the likes of tripadvisor. You can also try and look out for airbnb’s that include breakfast to easily cut breakfast costs. If where you’re staying has a kitchen, go to a supermarket and cook a few of your own meals with the local food to really cut back the costs.

Other tips

Look at free attractions – you can find a variety of landmarks and things to see at no cost. Also look at free tours in different cities.

Consider getting a travel pass if you’re going to be travelling through the city a lot. Metro or bus passes for 3,5,7 days or more will save you money if you’re going to be travelling a lot. It also allows you more freedom and you will probably explore more knowing it won’t cost you anymore to take 6 metros in a day as opposed to 2.

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