Best holiday destinations for families

Wanting a trip that your whole family can enjoy? One that will keep your young ones entertained, and get your teenagers off their social media for more than 10 minutes? Here’s a list of amazing places with fun for all the family to have amazing adventures and create unforgettable memories.

  1. Jamaica

An adventure packed destination with breathtaking waterfalls, magical rainforests and sandy beaches, Jamaica is a perfect place to relax, explore and eat mouthwatering food.

Watch the sunset on the soft white sand, with your feet dipped in the crystal blue waters and a delicious tropical drink in your hand. Enjoy this in the hot climate where temperatures range from 23-35 degrees celsius throughout the year. Head to the luminous lagoon to explore a glowing cove that stores bioluminescent water! One of the only places that exists like this in the world.

There are an endless amount of activities to keep the whole family entertained. Make sure to visit Dunn’s river falls to see a beautiful waterfall, and look into tour companies to experience an endless list of possibilities, such as swimming with dolphins, zip-lining, jet-skiing, horse-riding along the beach, or to take exotic cooking classes with the locals. Honestly, there is so many exciting activities to do that you’d probably never be able to do in most urban cities, it’s definitely worth taking advantage. If you do decide to go up the falls (which you absolutely need to do), definitely hire a tour guide to get you up there safely.

With Jamaica you should stay in the resort unless you’re on a guided tour or activity. Stay within tourist hot-spots and avoid, actually just completely miss on going outside your resort otherwise, especially at night. There are high crime rates in Jamaica, so follow common safety procedures such as don’t carry a lot of cash and don’t wear expensive branded clothes and jewellery.

Don’t let this put you off however, just use common sense and take precautions and you will have the most amazing and memorable holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean!

2. Rovaniemi, Finland

Escape the heat and take your family to the snowy wonderland of Rovaniemi where you can explore the christmasy wonderland and get involved in a range of magical winter activities.

Take your children to explore Santa Claus Village to meet the reindeer alongside the other animals in the farm yard zoo where you can also do snow sliding and cross country skiing. Then you and your family can warm yourselves up with a delicious warm drink sat at a campfire at Lapland hut.

Make unforgettable memories by going on a husky ride in the Arctic Circle Husky Park, home to over 100 Siberian Huskies! Or go to Apukka Resort where you can experience a range of activities such as relaxing in saunas, snowmobiling and reindeer rides, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice fishing trips – with a ride on their Snowtrain and watch the jaw-dropping Northern lights.

Have a cheaper chilled out days in a cosy log cabin and take your kids outside to play in the snow, be it a snowball fight, making a snowman or even just snow angels, kids can have endless fun in the snow, all the better if you’re from a warm climate where they wouldn’t usually experience it, it’s truly magical. Especially if your children are at an age where they believe in Santa, or even if they’re slightly older and you just want to get more of that Christmas excitement back, this is the place to be.

So if sun and beaches aren’t your thing – or you just fancy a change from the norm, take a trip to Rovaniemi and enjoy the great snow and winter wonderland atmosphere all year long.

3. Tenerife

Visit the largest of the Canary Islands for unbeatable fun, adventure and a great tan, with great activities available for the whole family.

A great time to go would be around easter time just in time for the Carnaval de Santa Cruz, a huge festival filled with with parades, great music, dancing and bright and colourful costumes.

Get your trainers on to take a hike up the Dormant volcano, Mount Teide for amazing views, then take yourself to an amazing restaurant to eat your heart out after all the exercise. The food prices are cheap so you can get those 3 courses and even a drink or two without breaking the bank.

You can get swimsuit-ed up to go and enjoy one of the best waterparks in the world, Siam Park to go on 20 different water rides including the ‘Jungle Snake’ and the ‘Tower of Power’. If you want a heart racing ride, or something more peaceful where you won’t feel like your heart is about to fall out of your chest, there are plenty of options for that too, like the Lazy river, and an amazing beach-like pool. Prices are £34 for an adult ticket and £23 for a child.

You can also spend time chilling by the hotel pool or the beach, with lots of water activities available for fun to people of all ages. Or take a stroll down the shopping stalls, or down the waterfront where you can find lots of family friendly live music bars, restaurants and cafes. If you and your partner want some time to chill and keep your kids entertained, most of the hotels in Tenerife have some brilliant kids clubs. Oh, and make sure to book one with some fabby evening entertainment!

4. Harmony of the Sea cruise, Caribbean

Want amazing food, refreshing drinks, live music and performances, a water park and so much more all alongside your accommodation?

Pack your bags and hop on a cruise across the Caribbean. The Harmony of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s biggest ship, and prices start at just £632 for a 7 night stay! A phenomenal deal, get all the fun and adventure you could experience in a whole city on this cruise ship.

The excitement is endless with Broadway musical productions including ‘Grease’, live music performances with varying special guests, dancing performances, even ice skating shows! When all the excitement has tired you out, there area variety of bars, and even some stores and boutiques for those teenage girls looking for a cute new bag.

You can go to the gym or the pool to keep fit and exercised, and go to the arcade, casino and live bands for some downtime. There is table tennis, scrap booking for your little ones, a water park, and a surfing simulator.

Honestly if you’re wanting a full on holiday which is non stop fun, this is the place to be. There are so many activities I haven’t mentioned, and mouth watering food options to cater for a variety of preferences and dietary requirements, so even the fussiest of child will be pleased!

5. Japan

Brace yourself for a change of culture that will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a whole new world, Japan is an enchanting and drastically different to what you may be used to on the usually beach family holidays.

Escape from the sand and sea holidays to visit the Himeji castle, feed deer at Nara park, and take your family for some day trips out at Disneyland, Disneysea, or Hitachi seaside park in Tokyo! For children of any ages to adults, Japan is mesmerizing and you will find your eyes captured by a variety of amazing and unusual sights as you walk down the streets.

There are also a range of museums and temples to keep your days full with activities and educational trips, and if you’re braver than me, climb up the Skytree for a 450 meter high city view. Take your kids to create their own noodles at the cup noodles museum – yes it is a real thing.

If your kids have managed to save a pot of spending money, or if they’re just depending on the bank of mum and dad, take them to Kiddy Land and Tokyo Character Street to shop from a never ending range of toys, sweets and teddies, from Hello Kitty to Pokemon, and Disney, save some extra room in your suitcase! After the shopping, go to eat at the ‘Kawaii monster cafe’ – (kawaii translating to cute) for a colourful meal served by dressed up characters.

6. Florida, USA

The huge portions of mouth watering food, the brilliant weather, super friendly locals and the great shopping makes this a must see spot on your bucket list.

Of course, Disney world and Universal Studios is an absolute must see, and is somewhere you and your family can’t miss out on, and all the better if you can take your kids between the ages of 6-12. Not a problem if they’re older, it’s still an amazing treat that everybody should experience once in their lifetimes. From singing and dancing parades, a variety of amazing rides and what feels like a whole world of wonder and magic so big you could get lost all day.

Head to Miami beach if you fancy chilling by the sea, and if you’re looking for a range of water activities, make your way to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to snorkel and explore under the water, you and your family can also enjoy kayaking, boating, and lounging at the white-sand beach.

Head to old town to go back in time 60 years. Experience old fashioned arcade games, classic diners, carnival rides and car shows. Cool off from the heat by taking a trip to Adventure Island to hop on a variety of water rides and burn off some energy.

7. Canada

With locals known to be among the friendliest in the world, eye catching landscapes and great food and shopping, Canada is home to an amazing range of options to keep the family busy.

Go to see the absolutely memorizing Niagara Falls, a famous waterfall with three separate drops over 50m high. You can also explore the Canada Children’s Museum, an interactive museum you and your family could spend all day at without even realizing, with over 15,000 items to see, take a virtual tour around the world.

Go to the Kids Market to let your kids explore the adventure zone, spend all your hard earned cash at the arcade, and enjoy the virtual reality ride. Calypso Park is home to the countries largest water park, where you can enjoy the rides, go canyon rafting or get your adrenaline pumping on the tallest water tower in North America.

If all these activities sound great but you need a bit of time to chill and refresh, don’t worry! Parlee Beach Provincial Park is the perfect place to kick back and relax, and also play some sports like volleyball and frisbee, your kids can even take part in a sandcastle building competition! Oh, and make sure to try the Canadian classic dish, Poutine (chips smothered in cheese and gravy).

8. Antalya, Turkey

Not only is Antalya perfect for some sun, sea and sand, but there is a myriad of historical attractions alongside amazing family hotels and stunning beaches. Plus, it’s super affordable!

Stay in the Liberty hotels for brilliant evening entertainment for all ages, a water park, and lots of sport activities. Or have a look into the Saturn plaza resort for an amazing luxurious family hotel with a great kids club, and evening entertainment.

As far as sight seeing goes, make your way to the Republic square to find the Ataturk Monument, Hadrian’s Gate in Antalya’s picturesque old town to see beautiful Roman walls and features, and make sure to look up and admire all the old carvings on the ceilings. Whilst you’re in the old town, wander round and explore the stunning streets with cobbled grounds surrounded by whitewashed buildings lined with terracotta roofs. Make sure to see the Saat Kulesi, a 19th century clock tower.

There are also a range of museums, waterfalls, and don’t leave without visiting the ancient ruins of Aspendos, where you will indulge in history and find a breathtaking Roman theatre, which at its time (AD 155) was home to gladiator duals.

Go to Lara beach to relax and enjoy the soft golden sands, and dip in the water which has blue flag status, meaning it’s perfectly clean and safe for swimming! Make sure to check out the Old City Marina to be surrounded by fishing boats and luxury yachts, and grab yourself some delicious fresh seafood.

9. Croatia

Roam freely around the streets of Croatia and explore the amazing family facilities and attractions. To make the most of your trip, hop around the islands to maximise your experience.

Make sure to visit one of Croatia’s National Parks such as Plitvice, and see the stunning lakes and waterfalls surrounded by forests, and go on a full day cruise to awe at the jaw-dropping scenery. Go water rafting, and even go on a speedboat tour to explore the islands and the amazing blue and green caves.

Wander around some fascinating museums, churches and galleries, and take a stroll down the pebble covered coast to take part in a range of water activities, such as scuba diving, water skiing, and windsurfing.

Visit Dubrovnik to see some gorgeous quaint buildings and explore some amazing cafes, restaurants and boutiques. If your kids are older, take part in some rock climbing. Make the most of your trip by sampling all of the delicious food Croatia has to offer.

10. London

For an unforgettable city break be sure to visit the Capital city of England, with a never ending list of things to do for the whole family.

Explore the fantastic museums and galleries, and after all the walking ensure to indulge in afternoon tea to have some yummy cream and jam scones, and a mix of delicious finger foods, you can even enjoy this whilst on a tour bus to see some of London’s best sights on an afternoon tea bus tour.

Visit the home to the royal family at Buckingham Palace and if your kids (or you) are a big Harry Potter fan, check out the making of it at the Warner Bros studio tour. Whilst your in London make sure to head to Broadway to see an amazing musical.

Be sure to see London’s top spots such as Big Ben, and go up the London eye for fantastic views. London is also home to an amazing zoo and aquarium. Go to Madame Tussaud’s to interact with all the famous wax figures and get some great pictures. Also consider getting a boat tour of the Thames to see London from a different perspective.

All in all there are so many different sights and activities to do and see in London, that this list could go on forever, so however long you and your family are going for, you can be sure the itinerary will be fully packed and keep you busy the whole trip.

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