The safest travel destination for solo travellers in each continent

Travelling the world is an incredible experience. An incredible experience of which most people miss out on due to a variety of reasons. From the misconception that you have to save copious amounts of money, to the fear of the unknown. If like us, money has been holding you back, then check out our guide on how to save money to travel on a low income. and How to travel cheap

You’re a solo traveler; travelling by yourself can be daunting as well asa somewhat lonely experience. However it can be extremely eye opening and you have the freedom to go where you want, when you want, however you want. You’ll meet amazing people along the way and even form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Although it sounds great, as a solo traveller you may feel vulnerable and that’s okay, you’re not alone. You may need to build your confidence before you venture off and travel the world, and here we will go through the best places to start in whichever corner of the world you choose to explore first!


Africa is one of the most diverse and jaw dropping continents in terms of culture and scenery and I can attest to Africa being safe for solo travellers (of course within the realms of common sense). You will find phenomenal landscapes thriving with safari; so if you’re an animal lover like me you simply cannot miss Africa. Not only will you stumble across giraffes and elephants in this unmissable paradise but also crystal clear waters, green rugged mountains, amazing food and some of the best adventure/thrill seeking opportunities that you can find in the world!

Taghazout, Morocco

Although it’s hard to choose the single safest travel destination in Africa, Taghazout, Morocco tops the list.

If you’re a huge fan of surfing, like me. Taghazout is the perfect place for you. If you’ve never took to the waves before, do not worry! There are various surf schools situated across the town. You can onboard onto courses fo as little as a couple of days up to a few weeks with many of them being extremely well priced. Many schools have a variety of room options including bunks, shared rooms and single rooms too! I’d definitely opt in for a shared room, as not only is it more affordable but it’s a great opportunity to bond with the guys and girls that you have been surfing with during the day.

During the day you will go out as a group and take to the ocean. Which is great for bonding over the shared experience, and by night you will spend your evening chatting with your new friends while indulging on the local cuisine. Perfect for solo travellers!


Asia is rich with culture, religion, language, food and pretty much everything that you’d want to see when travelling abroad and you’ll simply never get to experience all of it. The majority of Asia is extremely cost effective, with accommodation starting from as little as £3/$3.70 per night. Luxury comes at an extraordinarily cheap price in comparison to western countries, especially countries around the region of south-east of Asia. Get yourself to Asia and indulge in some of the most flavoursome cuisines the world has to offer.

Tokyo, Japan

Not only is Tokyo extremely safe for solo travellers, it has to be the best city in the world for foodies! With 226 restaurants receiving one Michelin-star or greater makes Tokyo the most Michelin-starred city in the world. They then have a whopping 160,000 restaurants registered in Tokyo, so I think its safe to say that Tokyo is certainly not lacking in quality nor quantity in the food department.

Tokyo, is renowned as one of the safest cities on earth, they have a clean and efficient public transportation system with very little crime rate, women can walk pretty much anywhere at night without any trouble and personal hygiene is a national obsession.

Accommodation in Tokyo is great for solo travellers, there are a wide range options to choose from; a variety of budget hotels, Airbnb’s, hostels and of course the well known capsule hotels. I’d recommend staying in Shinjuku, theres numerous accommodation options, incredible street food and vibrant nightlife. Shinjuku is packed with tourists and things to do, making this the ideal place for solo travellers who are looking to make memories within a safe environment.

Although pricey, Tokyo is a place where any traveller MUST VISIT, you will experience the legendary art of sumo wrestling, robot cafe’s, the samurai museum, tons of sushi, temples, shrines and much more. Tokyo is unique and you can expect the unexpected in this concrete jungle and be ready to have your mind completely blown! You can literally experience the real life Mario Kart… No joke, you can literally dress up as Yoshi and drift around the streets in a go-kart! Points to note though, you will need a valid drivers license prior to your Mario Kart dreams being fulfilled and I’d recommend trying to refrain from leaving a trail banana skins behind you.


Oceania is home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand and of course Australia. This corner of the world is rich with culture, sport, tropical sands and countless islands to explore. Distance between destinations in Oceania are huge! So be sure to jump across to our ‘Avios travel points” article to learn how save ridiculous amounts of money to increase the longevity of your travels with no effort whatsoever.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic place to start in the region of Oceania, not only is it home to the one of the most decorated international rugby teams in the world. But also volcanic craters, Scottish towns, hot springs, breathtaking landscapes and of course this beautiful country is also home to The Shire from Lord of the Rings. If you’re a huge fan then you can book yourself onto a movie set tour of Hobbiton for $89. New Zealand has very little crime, with vibrant, friendly and adventurous community. Ideal for solo travellers!

If you’re the adventurous type, you’re in luck; New Zealand is quite simply the adventure capital of the world. It is renowned for skiing and snowboarding as well as being home to world class mountain bike and hiking trails. There are countless extreme sports to try out and you cannot leave without white water rafting through the Mohaka River gorge. A third of the country is covered in national park and Abel Tasman National park will completely blow your mind.

Making friends in New Zealand couldn’t be easier. There are countless facebook groups, backpacking tours and hostels packed with people meeting new travel buddies.

You cannot leave New Zealand without drinking copious amounts of wine. Wine in New Zealand is incredible, producing some of the best whites the world has to offer. So if wine is your go-to, be sure to take a tour in Otago (known for its Penot), Hawkes Bay or Marlborough (known for their Sauvignon Blancs).

New Zealand is relatively expensive and if you’re wanting to travel carefree and do pretty much anything you want, I’d budget around $120 USD/£100 GBP per day. However if you’re going on a backpacker budget around $60 USD/£50 GBP should suffice. For this you will get a shared room in a hostel, public transportation, happy hour drinks with the majority of your meals being self-made.

The price per activity is well balanced by the amount of free things to do. Despite being small, it’s impossible to explore all of the wonders of New Zealand in just one trip.

North America

The heart of North America beats through vibrant metropolises, dense forestry, sun-kissed landscapes, chromatic deserts and diverse cultures. Within this continent you can expect to see the rugged mountains of Vancouver, the hustle and bustle of New York City, the lucid waters of Barbados and everything in between. The majority of North America is completely safe for solo travellers (with common sense applied) and is definitely worth your time as you will experience so much diversity in both land and culture.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada is generally considered one of the safest capital cities in the world and is jam packed with tourists all year round making it extremely easy to blend in as well as meeting fellow travellers.

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