Travel After the Coronavirus Pandemic

First and foremost, my heart goes out to all those affected throughout this tragic period of time. We have all had to face huge changes and restrictions in order to insure our own safety. I hope that you are safe and well, keep pushing, you’ll be on that plane in no time!

When can I travel again? Will travel be cheaper? Will there be any changes? Within this article I will be providing you with the answers to all of your burning questions regarding the relationship between Covid-19 and your prospective travels.

When can we expect to travel again

Outside of the healthcare sector where heroes are battling on the frontlines wearing gowns and stethoscopes, very few industries have been affected quite like tourism. However, tourism is a highly resilient industry and has stood to the test of time while coming back after various natural disasters, viruses and everything the world could possibly throw at them.

Rest assured, you will travel again, but when? Nobody knows the definitive answer to this question, although among experts it is believed that it will take approximately 18-months post-virus for tourism to have made a full recovery. That does not mean that you will not be able travel within those 18-months but it will pose some difficulties. For example, flights are currently 30% full, making it easier for passengers to adhere to social distancing practices. Many airlines are also capping total occupancy at 50-60% while in flight food/beverage services are being severely limited in order to mitigate contact between crew and customers. If these regulations remain in place post-virus, boarding a flight will potentially become more competitive and in-turn you may see an increase in prices.

Will travel become cheaper?

It is thought that airfares will initially become more expensive due to the increased demand as a result of airline regulations on social distancing as well as numerous other factors. However, airlines will continue to respond to supply and demand; so expect frequent changes.

On the whole less people will be travelling abroad after the coronavirus pandemic and many countries rely heavily on tourism. As a result of this you may start to see that hotels are offering cheaper prices and better deals once the road to recovery begins. This is even more apparent for independent businesses and Airbnb’s.

What changes can we expect?

As we have established, we will travel again but it will not be the same… But how?

  1. The majority of airports and airlines are now requiring passengers to adopt the use of face masks.
  2. Airlines will be advertising their air quality. A new and unique selling point.
  3. Quiet flights to aid social-distancing practices.
  4. Testing at borders.
  5. The majority of travel insurance companies are not covering coronavirus related issues.

These are just some of the changes that we can expect ahead of this pandemic, with restrictions and challenges being eased with time. The world will soon open its doors to us travel addicts once again, so now is the ideal time to start planning your trip of a lifetime. Take a look at our other articles, to find your next destination, what to pack or how make that next trip possible by saving money with minimal effort.

3 thoughts on “Travel After the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Hi

    Thank you for this article! I miss travelling so much and cannot wait to get out. In Scotland, we are still in lockdown and will take probably weeks to be able to travel. But I hope it will be possible

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