Most romantic travel destinations

Roses, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne are all great (especially the champagne). So are gigantic cuddly teddy bears until you realise you’ve no room to fit a 7ft tall soft toy by the side of your bed. Candlelit dinners with soft romantic music playing peacefully in the background. Great isn’t it? But what about if you could experience all this in a new place to really add to the excitement?

Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday or even an engagement (would make a bit of an expensive first date though), or even just a romantic trip to spice things up, these are a list of some of the top most romantic getaways for you and your partner.

1 Venice, Italy

Walk through the enchanting streets of Venice and get lost in the immense beauty of this city. You will feel like you’re an extra walking down the set of a magical Disney movie, with the aesthetically pleasing bold and bright colours of the buildings, the quaint cobbled streets, gothic palaces and historical cathedrals. The city of Venice is extremely unique and holds a lot of historical significance.

Hop on a gondola to peacefully ride down the canal and admire all the quaint renaissance building’s surrounding you. Make your way to the heart of Venice to see Piazza San Marco – known in English as St Mark’s Square, it is a breathtaking spot where you’ll find a wide range of mouth watering local Italian restaurants on the terrace nearby, so you can eat your heart full of pizza and pasta with a glass of lovely Italian wine on the side. Then finish off with some tiramisu or gelato to really cure that sweet tooth.

A Venice must see is Saint Mark’s Basilica. It’s an architecturally flawless cathedral that is pleasing to the eye, with over 500 columns! After you’ve seen it, head for a romantic stroll down one of Venice’s many bridges and make lots of food stops to enjoy some delicious food together.

2. Paris, France

What says romance better than a croissant, cheese and wine fuelled picnic next to the Eiffel Tower? Or an incredible romantic meal on a cruise down River Seine with live music and plenty of alcohol? This was by far one of the most romantic experiences we’ve ever had and I would recommend it 100% to anybody looking for a memorable night.

You should make time to just spend a day strolling through the stunning streets of Paris aimlessly, just appreciating and admiring the old fashioned chic designed buildings covered in classic balconies and all the other graceful and elegant buildings, stopping to sample some of the flavourful food and extra strong espressos Paris has to offer.

I’m being honest when I say that the romance opportunities are endless in Paris, even their language is deemed as one of the most beautiful in the world. With coffee shops and Boulangerie’s on every corner, if it’s a cappuccino or a pastry you’re looking for Paris won’t fall flat. Take advantage and sit in their outdoor areas to admire the great views and scenery of this beautiful city, and head to Le Sancerre to people watch in true Parisian style.

It’s also filled with great upper class restaurants where you can pour your heart out over a bottle of champagne and fantastic table service, followed by an extraordinary (but very pricey) meal. Check out Epicure – an absolutely stunning French restaurant serving local cuisine, and Boutary for some delicious seafood – be sure to try their caviar!

Paris is such an extraordinary city and the streets are pouring with romance and passion. Be sure to go there with your significant other for an amazing trip that will create lifelong memories!

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, filled with iconic white buildings with gorgeous colourful roofs of varying colours. Devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century, which is known to be the one of the biggest in the world, the centre of the island collapsed and fell to the bottom of the ocean, which then created the legend of the underwater city of Atlantis.

Spend an afternoon hiking up the Santorini Volcano for some unforgettable views, and afterwards head to one of Santorini’s amazing restaurants to try out some delicious Greek food. On your visit make sure you take part in a winery tour – just remember to spit out the wine if you want to appear sophisticated (or like us, you could just drink it and stumble out pretty tipsy). You should also priorities seeing the ancient ruins to immerse yourself in Santorini’s history. With a variation of water sports to fill your need for adventure, your trip will be the perfect mix of fun, romance and relaxation.

The city is now filled with stunning sandy beaches and amazing multi-coloured sunsets, so sit back, relax and enjoy the views with your significant other for a romantic trip you’ll be sure to remember. Walk through this cliff covered town and explore all the amazing sights it has to offer.

4.Cartagena, Columbia

With phenomenal live music and dance performances, this pastel stone city lined with flowers, cobbled streets and horse and carriages has an amazing atmosphere that will leave you smiling inside and out. Take a stroll to see the famous yellow clock tower, located in the colourful old town of Getsemaní, which is home to the locals. It’s in Getsemani you will be able to really interact with the locals, and find amazing affordable restaurants, and vibrant street art covering the walls.

Enjoy chilling out by a white sand beach in the lovely heat and treat yourself to a cocktail on one of the amazing beach bars. You can also take a mud bath in a volcano and even get a massage before rinsing yourself off in the lake. It will definitely be something to remember, and will be such a fun experience which will make for some great photos!

I’m sure all these activities have left your tummy rumbling, so spend the day strolling the streets feasting on some delicious and fresh tropical fruits, and make your way to El Portal de los Dulces known as ‘sweet street’ to indulge in some enjoyable sweet treats. If you’re feeling like something savoury, head to the street food stalls and be sure to try the local dish arepas con huevo – which is a cornbread filled with egg, beef and cheese. Cartagena is filled with a range of delicious coffee shops to fuel your caffeine addiction.

5. Bruges, Belgium

This historical feeling city filled with cobbled streets, medieval buildings and canals home to swans is a stunning destination which is bound to tick off all the points on your romantic checklist.

Bruges is relatively small but is jam packed with a variety of sights, activities and plenty of charm. Wander the streets sampling the refreshing beer and deliciously sweet Belgian chocolate. Make sure to head to the heart of Bruges city centre to admire the bell tower which was built back in the 15th century, and climb to the top spot.

Explore this magnificent city by hopping on a canal to cruise your way through whilst admiring all the great sights. The Markt is magical and if you can schedule your trip around Christmas time, you will be able to experience all the festive markets, painted in fairy lights and have the smell of beer and waffles filling your nose. There will also be an ice rink where you can either gracefully dance around the floor or fall flat on your face if you’re like me and don’t know the meaning of the word ‘balance’. However, if you’d rather go whilst the sun is shining, there are still a vast majority of amazing food and fruit stalls and souvenirs. You can even hop on a horse drawn carriage to explore the city.

Whilst in Bruges, be sure to explore the museum and admire some of the stunning churches. I’d recommend going during the Christmas season for an extra special romantic feeling, but this wonderful city will wow you at any time throughout the year.

6. Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital is budget friendly, jam packed with great tango dancing and a never ending list of things to see and do. The city is filled with a variety of mouth-watering food – be sure to try some of the delicious steak and wash it down with a big glass of red wine.

Head to Milonga to have a shot at tango dancing with your partner for a romantic evening, or if that doesn’t take your fancy you can just go to enjoy the atmosphere and watch people tango dancing down the streets!

Hit up Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – a free museum, to explore art from the likes of Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, and Picasso, and head to the charming and colourful Telmo Market to enjoy some flavoursome homemade snacks, pick up some souvenirs, and watch the live performances in the streets.

Buenos Aires has great nightlife, and if partying is your thing, this fun filled city won’t let you down. Hit up some of the cities nightclubs, but beware they start late, don’t expect the party to start until around 2am!

Whilst you’re in this fantastic city, make sure to try some delicious local foods including Dulce de Leche and empanadas!  The Plaza de Mayo is a must see, the pink house where the president works. If you want to see more colourful buildings, head to La Boca to immerse yourself in the bright and bold coloured streets, and live tango dancing!

Then sit back and relax in the botanic gardens, and discuss the highlights of your trip in this unbelievably fascinating city.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona will fill your heart with love and romance from the moment you step out the Airport. Enjoy the soaring temperatures in the summer months by heading to La Isabela at the Hotel 1898 – an unbeatable rooftop bar where you can enjoy a 360 view of the fantastic city over a refreshing cocktail. 

Enjoy some paella and sangria to let your taste buds enjoy some Spanish cuisine! To indulge into a state of pure relaxation, do not leave Barcelona without heading to Aire Barcelona spa, a luxurious spa offering a range of treatments, a salty pool, a sauna, a hot tub and loads more. To really ramp up the romance, go at midnight to enjoy the super cosy and romantic vibe.

If it’s a special occasion, or you’re just feeling mega fancy, book a private boat with a captain to enjoy the beautiful sea. Sit and appreciate Barcelona’s skyline, dive in the water, eat some snacks with some great Spanish music of your choice blasting away. If like me, you’re more of a land lover, then go on a free walking tour to appreciate the City’s elegant architecture.

There are so many great activities to do in Barcelona, enjoy sunset at the beach, take a cooking class, a sushi class, or a cocktail class – maybe a wine tasting class? Get lost in a maze, go hiking, go parasailing, go to the magic fountain – honestly the activities are endless in this unbelievable city, and it should definitely be one of your top choices of romantic getaways to enjoy some one on one time with that special someone.

8. Kyoto, Japan

Filled with picturesque Buddhist temples, cherry blossom trees and impressively decorated gardens, Kyoto is a top spot for any couple wanting a busy and extremely romantic getaway with lots of stuff to see and do.

Soak up the rich culture by hopping on a rickshaw to explore some of Kyotos most historical neighbourhoods and visit the imperial palace, which was once home to Japanese royalty. Take a picnic to enjoy at a nearby park, where you will be surrounded by stunning scenery covered by cherry blossoms and carp ponds. There are so many worthwhile temples and castles to visit that chances are you just won’t have enough time to see them all, but definitely prioritise Himeji Castle and Kinkaku-ji.

Be sure to go on a romantic stroll down the philosophers path, and head to see the Kamogawa River for some breathtaking views. There is also a bamboo forest you can walk through, and to be wished with good love luck then don’t forget to walk along the Path of Love at Kifune Shrine.

After all this sightseeing, check out Pontocho to see some great Japanese performances, and enjoy some fresh local cuisine to fill your growling stomach. You can then sit back and enjoy the view as the sky is filled with colourful lanterns.

Kyoto is home to so many unforgettable places to see, and way too many extraordinary things to do to fit on this post – so just go and see them for yourself, I promise it’ll be worth it.

9. Bora Bora

If you fancy escaping the city vibes and just spending some peaceful time together relaxing and enjoying some great weather and sandy beaches, Bora Bora is a small island located in the northwest of Tahiti in the French Polynesia and it will give you outstanding views, a great tan and plenty water sports and activities.

Stay on a small cottage located on stilts in the water and enjoy pure peace and relaxation. Head to Matira beach to take advantage of the sparkling white sand and crystal clear blue water where you can go snorkling or just go for a dip in the warm water.

You can spot Mount Otemanu from any point on the island, and if you’re feeling up to it, hire a guide, get on your walking boots and set foot for a hike up the extinct volcano.

There are full day tours available where you will have to opportunity to spot your eyes on some lemon sharks and giant manta rays. You can enjoy a luxury dinner cruise where you can feast on a three course meal, including lobster, champagne and wine, all whilst riding over the islands stunning lagoon and admiring the landscapes.

Bag yourself a forever keepsake at the pearl market where you can invest in a pricy but glamorous set of pearls for around your neck.

10. Marrakech, Morocco

Nothing will prepare you for the fascinating street stalls, delicious smells, endless amount of motorcycles and the high temperatures of this unique cultured and charming city.

Marrakech’s labyrinthine medina is a must see, it’s filled with every imaginable colour and is a bargain shoppers paradise; so grab a mint tea and enjoy walking through this magical area. You will also have to visit Djemaa El Fna where you will find lots of stalls, live music, fortune tellers and even snake charmers. You can also visit some great landmarks, such as Bahia Palace, Saadian tombs, Koutoubia Mosque and Medersa Ben Youssef to really immerse yourself in the local culture.

You can escape the chaos and grab a tasty drink at a rooftop bar to enjoy the scenery from the sky. There are a variety of great restaurants and cafes, and also street food served at every corner. If you’re into fashion, you will appreciate the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, where you can learn all about YSL history and see some key garments.

Marrakech is an all round fascinating city, and offers romantic views and activities to keep you busy throughout your trip, and definitely a great choice for an exciting couples retreat.

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  1. Great list and it only proves how much I still need to explore! 🙂 From your list, I have been only in Venice, but already 3-4 places are on my bucket list for this and the next year! 😉

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